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Looking for the light...


It’s different this time.  Maybe it’s stage of life.  You know, experience under the belt, and all.

Or, maybe it’s choice. Deciding to tune in, and allow.

Or, it could be awareness.  And, the feeling of connectedness that comes when you can sense the aliveness of everything around you.

I’m not entirely sure what’s behind it; it’s probably a combination of all these things.  But, these days, I’m letting go, and I’m definitely going with the flow.

What am I talking about?  I know..what on earth am I talking about!!

It’s about what drives us forward, well, at least, drives me, these days.  After a long career, of driving towards goals and deadlines and benchmarks and the next right thing, I’ve switched gears. I’m letting go.  I’m tuning in to the internal prompts – the light within, which is both guide and illuminator – for the next right thing.  I’m allowing the flow – of creativity and desire, to lead.  It’s where the magic happens.  It’s where ease happens. It’s where life opens up.

At the beginning of this year, I wrote down a bunch of things I hoped the year would be about.  I wrote down things I need to get done – concrete things, like getting my will up to date, and fixing the front porch.  And, dreamy things, about hope and love; and, about my art and my family.

And, then, I let it go.

I’m not reading the list and checking things off.  I’m not planning my week around all the things that will ensure I will fulfil that list. Not at all.  Rather, it’s like I pointed my sailboat in the direction I want to go, and pushed off from shore. I’m trusting. I’m trusting I’ll get where I need to go, and be safe and sound.  I’m trusting I’ll find the resources I need along the way to support the journey.  I’m trusting that my heart and head are up to the job – that there will be courage and understanding, compassion and wisdom when needed.  And, the guts to try and fail and try again.  You know, ‘apply, as needed!’

Of course, there will be zigs and zags along the way. That’s how sail boats, well, sail, tacking their way to the destination. It’s not a straight path. There are no direct flights from here to there.  But, as long as I’m heading in the right direction, it’s all okay.  I can let go.  And, watch and listen for the inner the prompts that will tell me when to rest, and when to push, and when to surrender and just go with the flow.

This is a new approach for me.  A new way to light the way forward.  And, like all photographers, I’m grateful for the light.


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