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28 days.  Four perfect weeks.  And, a lot of distance travelled..literally, and figuratively, too.

From deepest, darkest winter at the beginning of the month, to a hint of spring at its end.

From snowy Canada, laden in ice and minus-Celsius-degree weather to sunny Mexico and fiestas and margaritas..and a beautiful visit with family.

The image above, was taken somewhere over the northern United States as I made my way to Mexico.

What a landscape!  What a perspective!

And, what a gift to travel between two countries and two seasons, and spend joyful time with family.

So, on this last day of February, I give thanks for the wonderful gifts of family and friendship, for the joys of travel and photography and for the wonderful on-line community to which I’m so happy to be a part.

Thank you, February.  Hello, March! 🙂