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Spring Colour


Oh, the colour!  And, that ray of sunshine carving a path across the deck.  It’s how the day started.  Thanks to the neighbourhood squirrels.

There are a few of them, black and brown, making their way around the back gardens along the lane way.  And, they’ve been having a hay-day with this brilliantly coloured remnant of a blood orange.

I first spotted it at the top of a neighbour’s fence-post a couple of days ago. Who could miss it..that colour is irrepressible!  Yesterday, I found it half-buried in the dark soil of my garden.  And, this morning, right at my back door.  Well travelled.

What fun those squirrels have been having.

After all these many grey days – the remnant of winter – this bit of refuse, this bit of recycling from someone else’s house, was actually a treasure.  It was like finding a burst of sunshine at my back door. Delivered by a posse of squirrels.

And, it was oh-so welcomed.


Counting down…just three days ’til spring.