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Transition +++ It’s been a little
bumpy, this shift from winter to spring. Snow falls. Wind whistles.
Mitts are still a must. It is March.  If it were May, this
would actually be an issue. But, it’s March..the bumpy month! And,
I should be making my peace with it. But, for some reason, this
year, I’m impatient for spring. I’ve had just about enough of my
winter coat and boots.  I don’t know if I can take another
photograph of winter.  And, I just don’t want to be cold
anymore! Not one to wish time away, I am trying to practise
savouring what is. So, today, I had a hot chocolate.  Not your
average spring drink.  But, it warmed me up. And, helped me to
savour the expanse of spring sky – bumpy spring sky – by the lake.