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Sometimes there aren’t words.

There’s a silence inside.  A silence that needs to be heard.

You can hear the sweet familiar tune on the radio and the couple chatting in the yard next door.  The dog barks.  The traffic whirrs.  And, the youngsters in the park down the street are playing their fun games.  You can hear all of that..but the silence within is still louder.  It wants to be heard.

It has a story to tell.  Or maybe it’s a story to understand, in the aftermath of a distressing and tragic week in the U.S.  Young men, such violence, so many wounded, too many died.  The silence is the space for the uncertainty and incomprehensible to sit.

The silence within – perhaps it also creates and holds space for the grieving and healing that needs to take place, for all who suffer and mourn, those known and unknown to us.

The silence that must be heard, it is here for me, too. During this week of fear and anxiety, we also marked Yahrzeit for my treasured friend. Yahrzeit is observed in the Jewish tradition on the one year anniversary of the death of a loved one. I spent several hours on that day with my friend’s wife and daughter – treasured friends, too, and with his mother and sister and his nephew and niece, and a close circle of friends. There was laughter and weeping, and a sense of belonging. The silence within is there for me to rest in, and remember.

Sometimes there are no words.  This is one of those times.

But the silence – it’s more than enough.


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