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Primary Joy


It was a spring day just about a year ago.  I was still in the work-a-day world at the time. On the road, and about to travel home, when I stopped into a small, local coffee shop to pick up something for the trip home.

The place was filled with charm.  Every detail of the place a treasure for the eye.  The Victorian architecture enhanced, not hidden.  The tables and chairs, an assortment of treasures found at the local recycle shop, I assume.  Each a bright colour showing off some fabulous detail in the design, which was from another era.

The food, also a delight for the eye.  Gorgeous ingredients served up on a wonderful assortment of china plates.  The end pieces, I suppose, of multiple collections.

Some one, or many, truly loved this place.  Appreciating every aspect of its charm, bringing it to life, and sharing it so beautifully with the world.  The patrons loved it, too.  The place was comfortably packed with a lunch time crowd clearly enjoying themselves.  The old expression, bee-hive of activity, may have been created for just this kind of moment.

And, then, there was this: a flower on a window frame.  Just as with the rest of the place, no spot where the eye might fall was left without some loving attention given it.  Here a simple flower, in a simple vase, on a window sill.  Singular joy.  That’s what I see.  Joy, in one singular, simple gesture of placing a flower in a vase on a sill.  Singular joy.  And, loving attention.