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Room with a View



I’m en route to Washington, D-C.  My beautiful aunt is turning 90 years young, and my mom, who’s flying in from Mexico, and I have schemed to rendezvous at Dulles International Airport and make our way over to her home as a surprise.  Her kids are in on the plan.  How lovely is this!

Except for…

My flight is cancelled.  And, I’m in a hotel for the evening.  My mom will do the surprising on her own.  Which is still lovely!  And, I will be able to catch a flight the next morning and be there in time for the party that starts that afternoon.  All will still be wonderful!

So, what’s a girl to do when unexpectedly overnighting at an airport hotel.  Well, I had a great meal, a gorgeous glass of wine, with which I toasted my Aunt, and then, I took a few photographs.

My room, as is so often the case at airport hotels, did not have the best view.  For the most part, it overlooked a parking lot, although if you turned your head just so, you could see quite a nice pool!

Now, I’m not complaining. I was happy to have a very comfortable room and a great meal.  Just sayin’ the view – not the best.  But, in a good way, because it required that I stretch myself in capturing an image worth keeping.

And, the one above, looking through the gauze curtains at a dusky sky, catching just the top of the tree  – beside the parking lot.  This was my reward!  Finding this shot.  It’s summery and soft, and dreamy and light.  And, it was such fun finding it.  A lovely interlude on the way to a beautiful occasion – for my Aunt Terry.  Turning 90.  A truly beautiful person.


Joining up with Brenda Gottsabend and the wonderful Third Thursday Challenge.  Tap the button below and head on over for a look at some amazing photography.  Cheers!