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May Flowers


Wrapping up the month of May with flowers, of course!

April showers bring May flowers, and it’s certainly been true.

Flowers blooming, and lives blooming, too.

My amazing aunt turned 90 this month.

My friend was appointed a VP for the first time in her career, and we celebrated, of course!

Another friend wrapped up an amazing chapter in her career, in preparation to launch a global business of her own.  Very exciting.

And, me, my photographs were invited into three fund-raising events, one, a curated art auction.  The first fund-raiser was this month – a very exciting moment for me, too.

The full moon of May is called, the Flower Moon, according to the Farmer’s Almanac, because flowers seem to be blooming everywhere in May.  I love that idea..flowers blooming everywhere.

So, to mark the final day of ‘flowers blooming everywhere’, here, a gorgeous, magenta flower, and it’s pretty shadow.

Of course, I’m cheating a bit, as this was taken in Mexico, where flowers always seem to be in bloom!

Somehow, it seems appropriate.

Happy May to you.  And, hello June, and its Strawberry Moon, as it’s known in North America.  It’s known as the Rose Moon in Europe. Either way, we have strawberries and roses to come. How lovely!