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And, then the rains came...


As hoped, prayed for and promised, the rains finally came.

And, right on schedule!

Thundering, tropical rains.

Gorgeous fat droplets of rain.  Teeming, torrents of rain.

Much needed, much longed-for rain.

And, the hills have started to turn green as the summer season of lush returns, just as it does every year.  But, our faith was tested, as water levels are so low. And, weather is so strange everywhere it seems. Folks just weren’t sure what to expect. But those who’ve been ’round longest – they seemed to know in their bones that it’s part of a cycle. And, that cycle is slowly turning.  Lake waters are low, but this, too, they know, will pass.  As the spring turns to summer.  As the dry spell turns to rain.  The lake – it, too, will return to its rightful levels.  Hope springs eternal.  Faith, it’s made of tougher stuff.

The rains have come. And, it feels so good.