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Shades of Creativity+++

Shades of Creativity


One simple curtain…

One unexpected layover at an airport hotel.

And, one hour (or so) of photographic experimentation.

When my flight was unexpectedly cancelled, I was stranded at an airport hotel for one night.  Me, my camera and I.  Good company as it turned out.

It became an unexpected adventure in creativity – seeking out something interesting to shoot in what many, including me, would find, well, not that interesting at all, at least at first blush.

The window became the focus for most of the shoot.  The curtain, the view, the view through the curtain!  Every possible angle.  Up close.  From a distance.  It was a pursuit in seeing..seeing something beautiful in the mundane.  Seeing something new in the every day.  You can find some of the other shots in this unexpected series over here.

In the meantime, I leave you with the two shots above – a white curtain, turned different shades of silvery grey and black by the fading light, all tipped on an angel for a bit of interest.  The second image includes, in the upper right hand corner, the shadow cast by the curtain on the wall.  I just love that extra detail!  Both of these shots are unaltered.  Just straight out of the camera.

Shades of Creativity.


Contributing to the Brenda Gottsabend’s wonderful ‘Third Thursday Challenge’.  Just click on the button below and you’ll find some amazing photography!