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The Wedding Tree


You can barely see them, but they’re there.

Just to the left of the tree, hidden by all the tall grass.

It’s the wedding party.

The bride and groom, now husband and wife.  The bridesmaids and grooms men. The children, and the wedding celebrant.

All gathered under the tree.

The vows have been said.  The rings exchanged.  And, there’s been a kiss to put a seal on it.

And, now, they prepare to walk through the clearing in the field that’s been created just for them.  As we, the witnesses to this sacred moment, these sacred vows, line the way to welcome the bride and groom into their new lives together.  And…to congratulate them, and begin the party!

This was our view as we stood in wait.  The wedding tree.  Such a beautiful sight.


Congratulations, Jess and Khris.  Much, much love to you.