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Of beauty.

Of friendship.

Of travel.

Of the ‘Comfort Zone’, and stepping outside its boundaries.

Of this country.

And, its landscapes.

Of quiet moments in the midst of movement.

Of learning.

And, leaning on others for support.

Of kindnesses – from those we know, and from strangers.

Of nature.

Of art..in so many forms.

Of the middle age.

And, creating a life for oneself every day, in the big and in the small things of life.

This trip to Canada’s West Coast has been full.

It’s not quite complete, but soon I will return home.  And, what is true now, will be true then, I am so grateful for all that I’ve seen, and all that I’ve been given.


Grateful for my beautiful friend, Liz, and her gorgeous garden, too. This is but one image taken there on a summer morning in North Van.  Thank you, Liz, and thank you, Doug!