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Northern Ontario


The train I’m on is named, ‘The Canadian.’  Built in the 1950’s, it was the cream of the crop in train travel, elegantly touring its patrons from Union Station in downtown Toronto, north into Ontario’s endless forests and expansive lake country, and west through the vastness of the prairies, and the majesty of the Rocky Mountains, all the way to Vancouver and the glittering Pacific Ocean.

It is a spectacular journey – it was then, nearly 60 years ago when The Canadian took its maiden voyage, and it is still today.

I spent three-and-a-half days on The Canadian earlier this month, making the trip west young woman, from Toronto to Vancouver.  It was a trip of a lifetime, and I hope, over the next few weeks, to share some of the wonder I discovered (and re-discovered) along the way.

Here, an image taken in the very early morning hours in very, very northern Ontario, as seen from my sleeper car window. I didn’t feel the speed as we travelled steadily toward Manitoba, although you can sense it through the blurring of the trees. Instead, what I experienced was the stillness and beauty of a sun rise over a lake.  And, I remembered…there is stillness in motion.