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From Another Time....


Literally, from my photographic archives.

But, also from another time – a time when I rejected this image.

It’s an image of a beautiful leaded glass window reminiscent of another era, taken one night a few years back in Mexico.  My eye was taken by it, but some other part of me wasn’t ready to share it.  Interesting how that can happen.

These days, it’s happening a lot.  I find I’m rejecting much of the work I’m creating.

That is, something grabs me when I take an image..but when I review it, I’m in a different spirit, perhaps, and I can’t find what I saw at the time.  Or, I’ve become critical of it.  Sometimes the critique is worthwhile..the image really isn’t that great.

Sometimes, as Vancouver photographer David duChemin calls it, it’s a ‘sketch’ image.  You know, when you’re on the right track, but you haven’t quite hit what you were looking for.  ‘Sketches’, like the ones an artist creates before putting the image to work in their painting.  I love that concept.  And, I can see it in my own work.  I’ve created a ‘sketch’.  In other words, I’m on the road to where I want to go, but not quite there, yet.  I still have to work it through…figure it out…find it..as my eye is seeing it, but as I’m not yet capturing it.  It doesn’t even mean I’d reject the image as it is…just that I know I haven’t yet found what my heart and eye were after.

So, maybe that’s not really ‘rejection’ at all.  Maybe that’s just the process – living the process.

But, these days, well, I think I’m being sometimes overly critical. Shutting down work before it has a chance to breathe.  Disregarding it out of hand.  Or, perhaps, just not seeing it.

Like the window above.

I happened across it quite by accident today.  I was looking for something else.  Not for this.  I didn’t even remember this image.  It wasn’t in an inspiration file, or saved for a rainy day.  It was a kind of reject.

Yet, here we are today.

Today, I like it.  I like the light. I like the lines. I like the composition. And, that has got be enough.  More than enough!

And, the extra great part about finding this archival piece is that it’s got me thinking about my eye..and my process..and ‘sketching’…and staying with it….and believing.

Does this mean I might become less rejecting of my more recent images?  I don’t honestly know. I think it does mean that I will be more trusting of the work…that it will all work out…that there is good in the work…even if I can’t ‘see’ it right now.

Archival…”of or pertaining to valuable records…”

‘Valuable record’, indeed.  As much for the thinking and reflection it has prompted, as it is a record of another time.

Happy long weekend, to those enjoying one this weekend.  Happy early days of August!


The August Break 2013