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The Spider and the Pear


Can you believe that spider!  Staring me down with his big-as-saucers (relatively speaking), black eyes, and his green mustache.  (I mean, I don’t know what it is, really – it’s probably his mouth.  His biting-chomping-take-a-piece-out-of-me green mouth!)  But I digress.

I was taking a picture of this pear, obviously feasted-on by the neighbourhood posse of squirrels.  I mean, there it was, this pear, sitting on top of the fence, abandoned..but, clearly having been enjoyed, when out pops this hairy spider who sat down beside her.  Well, beside the pear.  Claiming it for himself.  I mean, it got territorial. The spider made himself clear.  He was not going to let me have it.  Not that I wanted it. Honestly. But he was not to be convinced.

Seeing Eye to Eye


So, he stared me down. And, the only thing between me and that spider was my camera lens.  Needless to say, I walked away.

And, then, so did he.

Peace Out


And, there was peace in our time.


Balance restored.

BTW…That pear, it’s still out there.  The spider, probably feasting as we speak.  As it should be.

Peace Out.

The August Break 2013