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Full of Grace


Is it the light…gentle and soft?

Is it the curve of the hills and subtle palette of colour?

Is it the sweep of the hydro lines cast across the sky and the intricate towers, standing tall, like two dancers.

All of it reflected in the mirror of the lake.

I don’t know what it is, but I find this image to be so graceful.

It is, of course, hydro lines and towers set along a lake, far north in Ontario. Some could say, it’s technology intruding on nature. Me, in this moment, I see harmony and beauty. Man’s made efforts woven into the landscape. There is simplicity and elegance in it, all while providing service and connection for so many.

I wonder what stories are behind this effort to connect all of us across the expansive landscape of our province. What challenges were there? What misgivings and disruption?  What miracles, maybe, as a result? And, how much of it is all forgotten with so much time gone by, and service such a given.

This simple scene…on an early summer’s morn, for me, is full of story and meaning.  Beauty and elegance.  And…Grace.

And, it is also, simply, another instalment in the series of stories and images from traversing this country by train.  For other stories, just head on over here and here.


The August Break 2013