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Corn Field in Honeywood, Ontario


Soy Bean Field in Honeywood, Ontario

+++Ontario Farm Country


I was up in Ontario Farm Country on Sunday.

Drive just 90 minutes out of Toronto and you hit some of the best farm land in all of Canada.

Spectacularly beautiful.



Yes, soul-quenching!  It’s good for the soul to be around those gorgeous views, and the green that goes on for miles.  Soy. Potatoes. Corn.  Growing. Growing. Growing.

There’s a movement in this neck of the woods called, Food and Water First.  A movement to put prime farmland and the water table at the top of the list when it comes to planning expansion and support for urban centres.  In other words, put food and water ahead of other urban needs, like a quarry for stone for our roads and highways.

It’s good food for thought.

There’s something about re-connecting to the land.  Something potent and healthy.  Spending the better part of a day out in the fields, taking photographs..and learning about Food and Water First – It was a very good way to spend a day.

Food for the soul. Food for our bellies.  And, food for thought.


P.S.  Yes, from the Farmer’s Market at Union Square in New York City to Farm Country near Honeywood, Ontario, it was one of those amazing weekends!