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Tiny wonder....


See that tiny bit of iridescent green, on the floor, straight ahead….

More wonder....


I thought it was a tiny leaf, blown in the door by the gentle morning breeze.

Sweet creature....


I was wrong.

It was something much more incredible.

It was this.  Tiny creature.  With wings that look like leaves.

It could hide anywhere and never, ever be seen.  But for some reason, it blew in my door.  And, there I was minding my own business, when it landed on my doorstep.

This amazing little insect, showing itself.

I was truly amazed.  In awe of it.  Yep, there I was, right down on the floor with it, with my camera. Trying to sneakily get a closer look, at this bit of wonder.

It’s been a week full of wonder in my little patch of Toronto garden, on this, the last week of summer…

Wonder.  Full.  Week.

Looking forward now, and wishing everyone, a wonder-full weekend.