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On the Cusp....


I promise.

I won’t rush into autumn.  There are almost three full weeks of summer left. And, I intend to savour every bit of it.

But, this long weekend, this Labour Day weekend we’ve just passed through, it kind of hurtles us forward into fall.  Launches us.  School years begin (and in some cases, have already.)  The sign-up for community activities opens shortly.  And, I can taste autumn in the breeze.  It’s hard not to say the heck with it. Just embrace autumn and get on it with it!

It’s not that I have anything against autumn.  It’s one of my favourite seasons. Love it! But, I’m just not ready to let go.

Like a kid clenching the handle bars of my bike, I just don’t want to get off the brilliant ride that is summertime.

Even though an image like this one appears right before my eyes…kind of screaming ‘autumn’. On this side of the fence, the lush, green grass of summer.  On the other side, just through that gate – the one that stands. wide. open. – is autumn.  All golden and rust-coloured.  Kind of gorgeous. (And, yes, it really looked like that at dusk on Saturday.)

Autumn.  It’s beckoning.  And, I can feel myself getting pulled toward that gate. Ready or not.


Posting with the lovely Vision and Verb today.  Step over and have a peek at their work when you have a moment.

Vision and Verb