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Silver. Lines.


It’s so simple.

A silver sky.  A few phone lines.  And, a strand of vine.

So often, I’m attracted to these kind of minimalist scenes.

And, I have to wonder why?  Why does my eye go here?

And, what is this love of ‘negative space’?  I do dearly love it.

Perhaps it gives me room to breathe. Room to really see what’s right before me.  The layers and wisps of clouds, in lighter and deeper shades of silver. The pattern of the wires. The curve of a random, strand of vine. I mean really see it. Not as backdrop, but as foreground. With room to spare. Each element standing on its own. Each element contrasting the other. Each element supporting the other in being seen.

In a way, it’s a bit of rest, seeing things in simple terms.  In the midst of a busy city, and alive in complicated times, simplicity is a powerful thing.  A comfort.  A reprieve.  A chance to see more clearly.

I return again, and again, to this simple kind of beauty.  At least, it’s beautiful to me…not always to others.

And, I’m grateful for it. For what my eyes can see…and for what my eye is drawn to, which on this day was layers of silver, a few lines, and the space to breathe.