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Unexpected Beauty


I was sifting through my images from the month of January, and this one caught my eye.

I love the swirl of light, the warm and muted colours – except for that flash of yellow which is so wonderful!  Who doesn’t want a dash of yellow in deep winter!  And, I love the ‘abstractness’ of it.  I mean what is this?  Can you tell? Does it matter? Not to me. I am simply enjoying the warmth and sparkle of it…

As I link up with Kat Sloma’s Photo-Heart connection, she encourages us to look for the message within the image.  What is it saying?  Why this image? Why now?

A few things come to mind. I’m attracted to the beauty of it..the warmth, the colours, the curves. And, I’m attracted to the mystery of it. It’s like an invitation to allow for the unknown. A reminder that sometimes form must give way in order to reveal the mystery inside. That sometimes if you look anew, something beautiful awaits.

Usually, I’m captivated by the line and shape of things…expressing a subject in its most elemental terms.  This image blurs all of that and transforms the ‘what’ into something new.  And, that’s appealing to me these days.  I’m not sure I know why.  I just know it is. The answer will emerge…all in good time. For now.. A softness.  A new point of view. A mystery. This is what I’m embracing as February begins.  That, and some sunny, warm colour!

Unexpected beauty and a bit of wonder on a wintry day.

Just what the doctor ordered.